I just loved all those medieval streets and walkways in Talinn at night!
What’s better on a hot summer day than hiking in a shadowy gorge? Johannesbachklamm near Vienna is such a place I recommend for a hike on a hot summer day.
Looking for this well known photo spot in Hallstatt? Just follow the crowd.
The palace of culture is a great photo spot at day and night. So many different angles and so many different surroundings. This is a long exposure take. with Slow Shutter Cam App set to light trail mode.
Welcome Warsaw! I managed to „have contact“ with police within 30 minutes of my arrival. Allegedly there’s a building on the left that must not be photographed.
Easily empty busy streets by taking a long exposure e.g. with Slow Shutter Cam App
A little more than three years ago, I took the same photo with iPhone. Back then, there was no low light mode and no Lightroom as we have it today. And I’ve learned a thing or two about iPhone photography.
Baroque Library | Prague, Czech Republic
I know that I’m repeating myself but I can’t stress enough how important it is to get up early. Just a few minutes after I got this photo right after the park opened, it was filled with people.
Schönbrunn | Vienna, Austria
Cathedral | Helsinki, Finnland
Got up early to be able to get this shot. Starting at 10, ships start to cruise and the lake gets quite busy.
This was our second stop during the photowalk with Trey Ratcliff. Tried to put many things Trey mentioned in this shot.
Waterfall | Berlin, Germany
Weather was fantastic and some friends and I went for a snow shoe hike at the Rax mountain range. The view from the top station is simply stunning, isn't it?
Pomp and Circumstance | Vienna, Austria
One of my favorite views in Vienna. It has everything: Water, Architecture, Nature and reflections.
Cool Light effects for this really modern library in Minsk, Belarus.
Victory Square | Minsk, Belarus
Liechtenstein Gorge is a beautiful, narrow gorge near Salzburg with a beautiful sight and photo spot behind each ledge.
I never thought that it was possible to take a photo like this with an iPhone. But the low light modes in ProCamera make it possible.
Big Fountain | Bucharest, Romania
Collision Prevention | Lossiemouth, Scotland
This one was tough to retouch. I spent only a few days in Edinburgh and they were building a stage for some kind of festival here. Using Pixelmator, I removed the stage, people and other stuff around the monument.
Crosswalk | Sofia, Bulgaria
When I arrived at the scene to pigeon swarm was flying around the Ateneul. But they were either too high or too low. So i positioned myself with the iPhone ready to shoot. And when the swarm came the way I pictured it, I hit the shutter release and using burst mode, I got the shot how I wanted it.
One of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Iceland. There's a small path with hundreds of stairs to the right. From up there you'll have an awesome view. And look out for rainbows!
Memorial | Berlin, Germany
A 40 secon long exposure of the London Eye taken with Slow Shutter Cam. Luckily, it does not spin that fast.
During the 2015 trip to London I experimented with different methods to capture better photos at night. Took this one with Slow Shuttet Cam APPA
Well, you can wait for hours to get a moving cloud shot like this in Venice or you use an App like Pixelmator to create an effect like this.
A night photo from the second trip I tried to photograph with iPhone only.
Another rather old shot that I took back in 2011 using an iPhone 4. Redited 2017 using Adobe Lightroom Mobile on an iPhone 7 plus.
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